Simple how-to guide on playing Two-up

Want to play some Two-up on ANZAC Day? Simple how-to guide on playing two-up:


1. A “ringie” places two coins, tail side up, on a paddle (“kip”), while punters congregate around the game in a circular pattern and roar phrases like “tennahead!” (ie. $10 on boith coins landing on heads).

2. The call “come in spinner” is made from box in which the “spinner” then tosses the coins.

3. It was the ringie’s job to ensure that the coins were tossed at least 10 feet into the air,

4. All coins need to fall within the circle. If one or more fall outside of it, the “ringie” declares the game void. The “spinner” then makes another turn.

5. During this time, bets on heads or tails are taken ringside in the direction of the head-better.

6. If both coins show heads, you lose. If both coins show tails, you win. The spinner continues to toss if one of each spins until there is a result.

7. Celebrate your win. Commiserate your loss. Gamble responsibly!


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