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Signs Around Town

We have been super busy around town this year fitting out shops with new signage. The past month we’ve been busy working on signage, printing and websites around town. Some of the great NEW businesses we’ve worked with include the following: Providore on Hastings – at the base of the Netanya Building Beloporto Burger Bar […]

A window into Laguna Signs today… Half Screen Printed and Half Digitally Printed signs

We thought you would like to see what we are up to today! Creating signs that are half screen printed and half digitally printed. This method ensures we match our clients vibrant orange used in their branding, and allows us to include a photograph of the agents on the sign. After the designs are approved, […]

Amazing Sign Facts – the biggest and the best

1. The Most Expensive Billboard to operate around the clock? $1.3 billion a month! A billboard for Skydive Dubai advertising sky diving tours over the Dubai skyline. But how could a billboard cost that much to operate? Because of a man who flies around the billboard in the air in a jet pack, which costs […]

13 Interesting Facts about the Hollywood Sign

Property Magnates – Suicide – Drink Driving – Lights – Camera – Action!!!! The iconic Hollywood sign has loomed over the epicenter of American movie making since 1923, and its 92 year history includes plenty of interesting tidbits. 1. The sign wasn’t created to advertise movies and starlets; it was created to advertise real estate. […]