Amazing Sign Facts – the biggest and the best

1. The Most Expensive Billboard to operate around the clock?

$1.3 billion a month!
A billboard for Skydive Dubai advertising sky diving tours over the Dubai skyline. But how could a billboard cost that much to operate? Because of a man who flies around the billboard in the air in a jet pack, which costs a staggering $500 per second. $1.3 billion amounts to the cost of fly time over a thirty day period.
The billboard involved a man with a jet pack, initially hidden on the billboard, who emerged from the billboard and flew around it for approximately 20-30 second increments.


2. The World’s largest digital billboard?

The size of a football field!
Times Square has the largest high definition video display which is as big as a football field and makes $32 million a year.
It measures eight stories high and just over 100 meters long. It is ranked as the priciest outdoor advertising spot in the US with a going rate of more than $2.5 million for four weeks.



3. The World’s largest billboard?

220 meters long!
In Saudi Arabia, LG has erected the longest billboard measuring 220 meters to promote its 3G service. The billboard is estimated to have 20 million views per year based at the Riyadh International Airport. The sign has been designed to hold up against strong winds and sand storms thanks to a massive steel supporting structure that weighs 1,800 tonnes.